Isaiah Meditations

Beholding the character of God puts down our roots and makes our souls soar. Here are some thoughts tied to Isaiah chapters—each one is intended to be mulled over, held onto, & fed to your mind & heart. May they give you fresh wings today;  The Lord holds the distant stars & the depths of the sea. … More Isaiah Meditations


Ideas for Where to Give Quilt Donations – Competitive Quilting

❤️ This week I’ve had the privilege of hearing from many veteran quilt-givers on their fav places to donate (quilt guilds are warrior women btw!) 🌻Get ready, my friends– take off your shoes bc the places I’m going to share are holy ground, often too precious for public photos. Should quilts go thru you to these causes, … More Ideas for Where to Give Quilt Donations – Competitive Quilting


“Brokenness is our opportunity. ” (Can’t remember who said it… maybe my husband) “In You the orphan finds mercy…” Hosea 14:3

The Standard

“It’s not about screaming about the standard. It’s about being the standard.” –NCAA announcer I remember hearing this quote said in the background noise of afternoon football going on in our home. It stopped me in my tracks and I wrote it down. They were referencing a player upset with how things were going on … More The Standard

Scrappy Quilts

I’ve recently made some toddler quilts from my overflowing scrap pile — in cool blues/greens, pinks/reds, and purple/neutrals. I really enjoyed piecing them. Very relaxing. Can’t decide which is my favorite. But I know my some of my favorite fabrics are in all 3 of them! With so many fun prints, there is a lot … More Scrappy Quilts

Graduate School

I am beginning a new journey to Regent University for graduate school for a Master’s degree in Practical Theology! Today is the first day of class. I may try to throw content up here occasionally to share the wealth of knowledge these great profs are offering. Abe Lincoln is my guide here. I remember hearing … More Graduate School


“If your fundamental is a man dying on the cross for his enemies, if the very heart of your self-image and your religion is a man praying for his enemies as he died for them, sacrificing for them, loving them – if that sinks into your heart of hearts, it’s going to produce the kind … More Enemies